Barley coffee supplies for bars

The barley coffee is one of the most popular alternatives to the classic coffee and every bar should offer it in its menu to meet the needs of its customers. In this article we examine together the curiosities and properties of barley and some practical advice for the supply of barley coffee
for bars.

Barley coffee supplies for bars: what is it?

Barley for bar

The orzo is a famous soft drink that replaces the typical black coffee. It’s derived from barley, so contains gluten, but it’s completely devoid of caffeine and other stimulants.

It can be served in large or small cup: for domestic use is made with a mocha or a coffee machine with special filters; for professional use however there are also specific coffee machines that make it particularly sweet and creamy, or coffee grinders to grind the granular sizes.

Barley coffee supplies for bars: the origins

The barley coffee, as we know it, was born in Italy, but before it there was a beverage of Greek origin, known as “Hippocrates herbal tea” in honor of the doctor who first pointed out the properties of this cereal. Hippocrates wrote that the “barley decoction is made of the more appropriate cereal against the diseases in the acute phase because it’s refreshing, easy to digest and does not induce states of agitation or swelling”.

The name, however, has not Greek but Latin origin: the plant was called hordeum. Besides the Greeks and the Romans, all the other great civilizations, including the Egyptians, the Chinese, Assyrians and Sumerians, knew well all the barley properties.

Barley was the main food of gladiators and it was used to prepare soups: when the wheat begins to spread, the barley began to be used only in the lower classes.

The “modern” barley was born during the Second World War, an historical period in which the obvious economic difficulties prevented the purchase of the precious coffee (which the price continued to rise because of the blocks and of fascism customs duties).

The barley spreads widely thanks to its intense flavor that recalls that of coffee, and is preferred by those who for health reasons or for food choice want to avoid caffeine.

In other countries of the world the barley is often mixed with other plants or cereals to enhance even more the intense aroma: rye and chicory, in fact, confer an even more bitter taste.

The properties of barley

The barley coffee is prized for its digestive and anti-inflammatory capacity. It’s the ideal choice for those who like to enjoy a coffee even before bedtime, since it doesn’t contain caffeine and has no stimulating effects. It’s not suitable for coeliacs disease since it contains gluten.

Barley coffee supplies for bars: where to buy it The variety of the menu is important nowadays, because among a large catalog of food choice, intolerances and preferences, customers demand a customized service, even at the bar.

Traditional latte or soy or rice, hot or cold macchiato, with or without caffeine, sweetened or bitter, with cream or ice cream…these are just some of the requests made at the bar. And every good barman or coffee shop owner must always be ready to please his clients!

Hence the importance of addressing to professional suppliers with high quality products: it’s essential for your business to have a trusted collaborator.

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