Coffee Covim Wholesale

Useful information about retail Caffè Covim supplies

In our catalogue you can find  too, coffee beans and ground coffee, pods, capsules and compatibles with the Espresso Point, Lavazza Blue and A Modo Mio systems.

Caffe Covim in cialde e capsule

Caffè Covim pods and capsules

We can provide Caffè Covim to all the retailers, at the best price, in all its varieties: Orocrema, Gold Arabica, Covim Extra, Gran bar, Gold, and obviously the Suave dek (decaffeinated coffee).

Covim coffee, with its italian heart, is the perfect combination of the best Arabica and Robusta blends from all over the world, and it’s a very appreciated coffee in the largest package and in the portioned one.

If you own a coffee shop or a corner shop or if you’re thinking about entering in this business you can’t miss Caffè Covim on your shelves…your clients will thank you!

Caffè Covim chooses with accuracy all the coffee grains and it roastes them perfectly: you can find all the flavours in a single coffee pack.

In fact, all the fragrances pour out in this moment, like the coffee was just roasted.

Rely on our offers and choose Caffè Covim! There is a special price list for the retailers.

If you know it yet, you can ask for our B2B prices and compare them with others sellers prices.

You’ll be able to save your money and gain more by vending it on the market.

So if you’re a coffee retailer and if you’re interested in Caffè Covim, here you can find it at the best price. Get in touch with us, we will send you our wholesale list.

You can call us at +390733288455, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., on Saturday too from 8:30 to 12: a.m.


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