Ristora Capsules and Soluble Beverages Wholesale

Our proposal for the retailers

Are you a coffee retailer? Do you work with vending machines? Do you own a coffee shop, a restaurant, a pub, an hotel, a bed and breakfast or an agritourism? If you answered in the affirmative, you can’t miss Ristora soluble beverages.

Our Ristora products on wholesale

Ristora capsules and soluble beverages wholesale

Some people don’t like coffee but they want to enjoy the pleasure of a good hot or cold beverage by preparing them easily with capsules, pods and solubles: Ristora provides best coffee and the, herbal tea, barley, chocolate, ginseng, chamomile and others beverages.

Here you can find only high quality products at the best wholesale price.

We provide all the Ristora products: instant drinks, Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules, teas, chocolate beverages, etc.

This brand provides one of the most complete range of soluble products; here you can find only the best seller and popular.

Wholesale catalogue for Ristora soluble beverages

Between the instant drinks there are 19 different kinds of tea: lemon tea and peach tea, cranberry tea, exotic fruits tea, Goji berry tea, normal or light teas, available in brick too.

We provide others light beverages typologies with fructose.

There are 3 types of chamomile:

  • instant or soluble, normal or lemon chamomile;
  • Coffee ginseng, guaranĂ  and american coffee;
  • Chocolate: thick, with or without sugar, white chocolate;
  • Barley pods in packs of 12 pieces;
  • Different kinds of Maraviglia line herbal tea: chamomile, decaffeinated tea, herbal tea;
  • A Modo Mio capsules: ginseng, cappuccino, barley and lemon tea;
  • Nespresso capsules: lemon tea, barley and coffee, biologic coffee, macchiato (Cortado), coffee and ginseng.

We provide also all the sweeteners and fructose.

If you run a business, if you are a coffee retailer, if you work into the vending or in the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, here you can find the best Ristora capsules and soluble beverages! Contact us and find out all our offers.

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