Coffee Supplies for Bars and More

A good bar memory depends on coffee!

A coffee area for bars, completely dedicated to the catering professionals. If you found us is because you were looking for a good coffee supplier for your bar or your business: you’re in the right place, we are professionals in this sector, particularly in the coffee sector and related,
with a 15 years experience.

As regard coffee grains, in our website you can find all our references and you can propose them to your clients, in addition to all the necessary equipment to make an espresso that makes your clients fall in love and make them loyal.

We can provide you the best professional coffee machines, selected and tested by our team.

Our brands are: Wega, Sanremo, La Marzocco, Rancilio, Royal, La Cimbali, La Faema, La San Marco, La Spaziale and Spinel. Of course, only Made in Italy quality.

Our supplies selection doesn’t end here, in our references you will find other accessories: icemakers, dishwasher, mills, cups, milk jug and water softener for coffee machines.

Why do you have to choose us as coffee supplier for your business?

It’s easy: since 2002, we are a solid company that offers a lot of benefits:

  • All the supplies at the lower prices on the market;
  • High quality coffee, to make your clients fall in love with it.

In short, you will save your money without losing quality, the determining factors for the success of a business activity.

Our coffee supplies for bars are the result of a careful selection of the most prestigious mixtures of Arabica and Robusta coffee, and our professional equipment for bars are the added value that allows you to obtain a perfect espresso, worthy of the best italian tradition.

Having a good coffee, in fact, is not sufficient because with the same raw materials the coffee machine makes the difference. Sometimes we rely on local roaster companies, which require the exclusive use of their products in exchange for an espresso machine on memo, with above-average prices and a low quality.

Don’t you prefer to be free to choose in every moment your supplier, by investing a small extra sum for an own coffee machine, instead of being stuck in misleading exclusive supply contracts which force you to pay more and ruin your affairs?

You have to consider that to have a top of the line counter you only need a little investmenf of a few thousand euros, and then you will be free to buy the coffee wherever you want and regain in this way the money you spent for the equipment in a few months.

This point is clear to those who have to change their coffee machine after 5 or 7 years: the amount they could have saved and earned is significant if they had opted for the purchase of the coffee machine.

Savings is not always earnings: they are two similar bur very different concepts.

  • Coffee supplies for bars

    Coffee grains
    Choose your coffee supply for bar between the wide range of mixtures we are able to propose you: save money, not the quality!

  • Coffee machines for bars

    Coffee Machines
    Find out our coffee machines wide range, for your bar or your business, with a guarantee: the 100% made in Italy quality.

  • Equipments and Accessories for bars

    Accessories for Bars
    Our wide range of accessories and equipments for bars includes dishwasher, coffee grinder, cups and more.

All the guarantees we are able to offer you

If you are going to open a new bar or if you want to renew an old one, contact us in order to avoid all the errors: our team will be able to recommend you as best, with tailor-made approaches for you. We assure you:

  • Perfect proposal, cut out for you, in order to optimise the costs and generate more revenue;
  • An high quality equipment: it requires a low maintenance and it guarantees an high performance;
  • The best coffee of the best brands, available in different flavours;
  • I prezzi convenienti sulla totalità della merce disponibile a listino;
  • The most convenient prices on the whole goods.

Before taking any rash decisions which might be counter-productive, you have to consider our proposal, without any constraint!

Contact us! We are at your disposal.

Call us at +390733288455 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., on Saturday to from 8.30 to 12.30 a.m.


Click here and send us an e-mail. You will be answered in 24-hours.

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