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We are coffee machines wholesalers too, as weel as providing different types of pads, capsules, soluble products and tea, herbal tea, barley, ginseng, camomile, and cocoa.

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Despite having different brands in our catalogue, our strong point is the capacity to put forward only the best-selling machines at the best price, hard to come by anywhere else.

This is because we purchase large quantities directly from the manufacturers, by selling them at low prices, the reason of our competitiveness.

The difference between our company and the others competitors is the ability to provide to the market the most popular wholesale coffee machines at any time of year, an attitude learnt with the ten years’ experience in this sector, pursued with passion and professionalism, not only as dealers but also as retailers, coffee producers, coffee machines tecnicians for consumer and professional use, vending machines providers.

Our catalogue is saved for B2B consumers: coffee store (stores specialised in coffee beans, ground and portioned coffee), corner store, retailers, vending providers.

Among the best coffee machines, in terms of volumes sold, we find Didiesse and Spinel coffee machines. In particular:

  • Didiesse Frog

    Didiesse Frog espresso coffee machine

    This espresso pads machine is available in 18 different colors and it’s perfect for all the environments, with good aesthetic quality, easy to use, crafted of the finest quality materials.

    Equipped with an aluminum boiler block, the fast decalcification system allows the machine to be always clean without particular maintenance.

    As an althernative to the traditional water tank which deteriorates easily because of using and cleaning, the Didiesse machine has a useful compartement for entering small or big plastic bottles, replaceable at will to get always a tank like new.

    Another quality of dds frog machine is the capacity to warm up fast: in fact you only have to switch it on 2 minutes before use to have a perfect coffee, a creamy espresso thanks to innovative housing and pressing system that allows hot water to filter directly through the pad without wasting electricity.

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  • Spinel Lolita

    Spinel Lolita espresso coffee machineA 100% made in Italy pads coffee machine, Lolita Spinel is a jewel of modern technology, fruit of meticolous researches, the perfect household appliance for those who want to have a compact espresso machine with the characteristics of the professional ones.

    The engineers and technicians’ experience has allowed to solve a lot of little problems often encountered in a lot of similar machines, of other brands.

    Apart from the good, modern and essential appearance, the Lolita’s body contains a lot of technological innovations conceived in Italy, and it is equipped with a lot of optional accessories too, which may be bought separately, in order to exploit all the conceivable functions.

    Ultimately, this espresso machine is meant to last, and it’s indicated for those who consume a lot of cups of coffee a day, but also cappuccinos,
    the, pads and capsules.

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  • Spinel Ciao

    spinel ciao espresso coffee machineSpinel Ciao is the innovative, ergonomic and nice espresso machine produced in collaboration with one of the most important italian design studio; this fine piece of technology is 100% made in Italy, and it’s equipped with a lot of modern functions that make it perfect for all the environments and for frequent use.

    It’s supplied with a transparent container in which you can easily insert a disposable bottle of water: a tiny but practical espresso machine.

    It’s also supplied with an innovative limescale remover system and several patented functions:
    Energy Saving System that put the machine on stand-by when not in use, in order to not to waste electricity;
    automatic cleaning system that allows the machine to be always clean and free of residue;
    central sealed closure for a perfect coffee pressing and extraction, a creamy espresso like the ones at the bar.

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  • La Piccola

    la piccola espresso pads coffee machineLa Piccola is the new espresso pads coffee machine named after the namesake manufacturer: it’s a fantastic household appliance, perfect for your house or for your office too.

    The body is 100% stainless steel and it doesn’t fear the rust and the atmospheric agents, as a guarantee of long service life; you will have a gourmet coffee, aromatic, fragrant, as good as bars.

    Its small size allows this espresso machine to be perfect for all the environments, for example caravan, craft or hotel rooms, bed and breakfast and agritourism.

    Between its characteristics there is also the cleanability, the low energy consumption and the ease of use thanks to its particular and ergonomic design.

    This espresso machine is 100% made in Italy, starting from its design, the top-quality materials, the production process and the sites stationed in the national territory.

    Its finest and researched form makes it suitable for all the furnishings, in keeping with all the environments.

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