Ginseng Coffee for Bars

The ginseng coffee is now more than a simple trend: many customers love being able to choose when they arrive at the bar and you have to offer them a wide menu.

The ginseng root has a beneficial impact on health and the ginseng coffee brings with it the main qualities of the plant.

In this short guide we will explain you the properties of ginseng, the reasons for such a success and some practical tips to find and buy ginseng coffee for bars.

ginseng coffee

Ginseng coffee supplies for bars: why you should stock up

The ginseng coffee is an energy drink with many properties: the first of these is to produce a more energizing effect than the coffee itself.

Ginseng also gives a more intense aroma to the beverage, and depending on the palate, almost caramelized, simple to recognize, unmistakable.

The ginseng coffee eliminates some of the typical side effects sometimes associated with the traditional coffee, such as nervousness, tachycardia, trouble sleeping, depression.

So to stock up on ginseng coffee for a bar means giving to their customers an healthy and tasty alternative.

People love to have several options including by consulting the menu bar, which in recent years has become more and more complex to meet the various food choices and tastes of each client.

According to the Oriental peoples, ginseng also has an aphrodisiac potential, slows cell aging, stimulates brain function and then lucidity, memory.

Always subjectively, it can have benefits on blood circulation, on the modulation of blood glucose, on resistance to stress.

Some scientific studies have shown that taking ginseng can also stimulate the appetite, relieve fatigue, improve insulin response and the digestive capacity.

Ginseng coffee supplies for bars: the origin

Ginseng is a family of perennial plants that comes from Chinese term rensheng meaning “man plant”. In fact the ginseng is historically known as a universal remedy, a real panacea.

The germination of ginseng in the wild is very long: the seed in the ground spends a period from 18 to 21 months.

In the first year of light it grows to about 5 cm, to get after four years to about 40 cm in height.

To locate a wild ginseng plant can be useful to observe the possible presence of other surrounding plants that act as possible indicators: among these we can include for example the Trillium, the Sanguinaria canadensis, the Actaea and the Ariasaema, the Dioscorea villosa, the Hydrastis canadensis and finally the Polygonatum officinale.

The most valuable part of the plant, which is used for the preparation of coffee, is the root, that is edible as well as happens with the carrot and the radish.

The original species of ginseng come from Nepal, Himalayas, Japan, Thailand and Burma, as well as an american variety.

Ginseng coffee supplies for bars: where buying?

In the restaurants sector, the demand and the availability of the ginseng coffee reached that of any other type of coffee, both in terms of individual consumer, both professional.

The ginseng coffee supplies for bars can be made through the website it’s sold in 500-gram format soluble powder.

This variety can be used with a milkfrother, with machines for soluble powders or with special whips for cappuccino.

The preparation is very simple, 100 ml of water every 20 grams of the product, to obtain the ideal consistency.

Ginseng coffee supplies for bars: the consumption

The ginseng coffee can be served hot or cold, stained with milk or cream, sweetened or as an addition to a traditional coffee, latte, a cappuccino. Ginseng truly meets all tastes and diets.

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