How to Open a Bar: costs and requirements

There are several ways to open a bar and the first question that entrepreneurs or similars ask for is: how much it costs? What requirements do I need? So let’s make order, we can provide some ideas for those who dream of a new bar!

How to open a bar from scratch

How to open a bar

The space of the bar can be bought or, more frequently, rented: in this case it’s good to agree on a rent that remains fixed for as long as possible and has to be negotiated in a convenient manner. Obviously the prices vary depending on the size of the space, on the location and on the date of construction. A rent for a small bar in a small and medium-sized city can cost 2000/3000 Euros per month.

The machines

Coffee machines can be purchased with a few thousand Euros or obtained through supply contracts that bind to specific quantity and quality of coffee. We advise you to be owner of your own professional coffee machines, in order to avoid costs and quality that doesn’t meet the expectations and don’t allow you to change your mind if you find better deals.

The coffee

The coffee is your business best shot and should be good, with an excellent price performance, such as Borbone coffee mixtures for bar.

The decor

The decor of the bar can be bought (even on the internet) directly and entirely from specialist dealers, or, with creativity, you can buy the counter from a company for bars and create your perfect space by purchasing tables, chairs or gazebos separately.
To decorate a small bar it takes over 10,000 euro (usually the counter costs at least 5,000 euros).
The appliances and accessories for bars represent an additional investment to be taken into account: a cooling showcase, where customers find pastas and sandwiches, can cost from 3,000 to 20,000 euro depending on the size, function and materials.


If the business requires employees you have to take into account an insurance and salaries to manage human resources in a state-of-the-art manner.

How to recognise a business already existing

Buying a bar from the previous owner could be a double-edged sword. First, it’s interesting to clarify the reason why the activity has been put up for sale:
the location is correct?
are there new competitive realities in the area who have taken away the customers?
the revenues are demonstrable?
…there are some of the questions that we can make to the owner seller. There will also be cases in which the reasons for the sale are entirely acceptable: advanced age of the operator, inability to leave the company to the family, the opening of a new business, a
transfer…and so on!

It’s very important to clarify the total price of the sale: furniture and machinery, appliances, supplies, including the contacts of the various suppliers and assistance.

These are fundamental data, especially for the new owner who has to be ready to handle any sudden situation!

You can sometimes take advantage of financing by the municipality, province or region: you can take information from the various trade unions and Chambers of commerce to know all the opportunities.

You can finally settle for a deferred payment, possibly including a mentorship period to learn the art and know the clients (and suppliers / employees) through a more gradual introduction!

How to run a launched bar

It’s an intermediate solution: the operator of a bar is not the owner, but has to pay a sort of “company rent” that can be agreed on a fixed basis, percentage or mixed, according to the results.

The operator is then relieved of various duties and concerns, but the activity is not really his.

For this reason people shall seek agreement for a rented period, before the proper detection: from the agreed amount will be deducted the fees already paid before the transfer of the holding.

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